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    Cleric Uber RapidFire Skills



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    Cleric Uber RapidFire Skills

    Post  Admin on Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:00 am

    All credits and Thanks to Waxxup. :]

    Originally Posted by waxxup
    Ok, so I decided to make a patcher this time, but it's only for testing.
    It has:
    No delay energy bolt
    No delay magic claw
    No delay heal
    No delay other cleric's skills
    No delay everything in Priest skills (Well maybe not everything, at least Shining ray)
    No delay genesis
    150 teleport
    0 mpCon on Heal and teleport
    link: ?yjfm3tmgmmm
    link2: S20MRHM7

    Don't request any more patchers for this patch, I thought I'd make this just because I was bored, and I'm a lukless cleric in Khiani anyways.

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