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    Consider this as a free trail for Vip Hack lol

    What this hack does is teleport you to the monster so that you can attack then its a great program.

    No offence but you must be an idiot if u don't know to use this.... Snice many people are asking how to use this, i'll make a quick tut.....

    1. Go onto maplestory.
    2. Tick char to mob vac.
    3. attack...
    4. Notice how stupid you guys were....

    Somethings you should know:
    -You will dc with blink godmode if you don't kill fast enough
    -This does not auto-ban
    -works best as a cleric w/ mpcon, and 99% mp eater
    -No bypass needed
    Recommended for:

    Why? Because they have a skill you can use mpCon with and bot. download.php?wxfqnzjy3ux

    Updated version: [credits to andy9i6] affraid

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