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    [Release] Mob.wz Patcher



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    [Release] Mob.wz Patcher

    Post  Admin on Sat Jan 03, 2009 9:52 am

    Download here.
    (Fixed patcher, will now support folders with edited .wz files. (other than mob.wz)

    -Magic/skill disarm
    -No Jump
    -0 KB

    Tested, non-d/c.

    [Step by step Tutorial]
    1. Make a folder in your Nexon folder called, "backup".
    2. Click on your clean mob.wz, hit ctrl-c.
    3. Navigate to your backup folder, hit ctrl-v.
    4. Run Elegance.exe.
    5. Click next until you get to the folder where maplestory is located.
    6. Click next. Finish.
    7. Log in.
    Thank me if I helped you please. ?b1se1qlnm12

    Credits go to elegance at Nk

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