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    [Updated] FoG Shift pVac vid added



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    [Updated] FoG Shift pVac vid added

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    This was probably one of the BEST places to hack at. In addition to the huge spawn, spaceous map, and an extremely fast spawn rate, the Forest of Golems was an all time favorite for legitimates and hackers alike.

    By releasing these vacs and the data, I'm hoping that by the time I'm done, I'll leave behind enough information for the future of .wz editing, which may be better than the future of memory editing. My videos provide an example of how the edits should work, and what you should look for when you create these vacs. I'll provide some help if you ask, but I won't be around all the time.


    You may have to wait for it to process.

    Recommended Levels
    64 ~ 75


    belie (Pointed me in the right direction)
    zythgor3 (Dumbing down .wz editing for most of us)
    Saludos (Creating the concept of .wz editing)
    Rutee4Life (Magic disarm patcher)

    Useful Patchers
    Vac Assistant v63.0.5 : zv7xllyjj8

    Note : This was built off of Rutee4Life's magic disarm patcher. I've added undead, no jump, and sped up every monster in the following maps.
    Tomato Field
    The Forest of Golems
    I've also attempted to disarm and freeze bigfoot. Please tell me how if it works or not. Also, I've attempted to disable Black Crow's movement, please tell me if that works too.

    Step 1 : Go to 'The Forest of Golems'
    Step 2 : Change Channels
    Step 3 : Have a program to start botting for you
    Step 4 : Walk right while you attack
    Step 5 : Go surf the web for porn

    This was built off of zythgor3's DFOP autorush patcher. I've added a left sided melee himes vac, and tomato field vac in here also.

    Patcher :

    Monster Information

    Mapped Out Footholds(Future References)

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Do you take requests?

    I got banned, what did I do wrong?
    There are many things that contributed to the suspension of your account. First, you might not have killed the monsters quickly enough. Second, you may have been reported, or caught by a game master. Third, you're using the wrong combinations of .wz edits.

    How do you create pvacs or shifts?
    Go read up on zythgor3's thread on how to mapshift and create a pvac.

    Your patcher isn't working, what the F*** is wrong?
    Let it finish patching. Also, I may have renamed the Map.wz file, so make sure that it's not named something like R-Map.wz. I tend to make mistakes sometimes.

    I get an invalid pointer error, what do I do?
    Make sure that you have correctly patched files, and that none of the files are renamed.

    How fast can you level with pvacs?
    You can level as fast as you would with a regular vacuum. You just have to know where to train and how to do it efficiently.

    How can I contact you?
    Send me a private message.

    A simple thank you is enough to satisfy me.
    As always, enjoy~
    Visit my blog : Here
    Visit my forum : Here

    I don't take requests, quit sending me messages.

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