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    Rules for CrashNexon

    Post  Admin on Sat Jan 03, 2009 9:33 am

    1. Do not post passworded archives!
    It is becoming more and more annoying when people post passworded archives, asking for people to crack them if they want the hack/information. .RAR/.ZIP passworded archives are nearly impossible to crack without a brute-forcer, and even so, it would take years before someone would find a 7 length password, for instance. Why I impfose this rule, simply because any posted passworded archive, given the fact that no one will crack it, will lead to loads of spam in poster's thread. One more fact, we can't know if he put a dummy or fake program inside the archive.

    Action : Found attachments will be deleted and thread will be locked.

    2. No quoting of LONG POSTS!
    It happens a lot these days to read a thread where someone posted a tutorial, and some retard decides to quote that whole post and add his worthless reply after it (e.g. "No"). Users found trolling and mocking us thinking it's funny quoting long posts or quoting quotes (quotes tree - yes, you know what I mean) are warned ! "quote chains" are against the rules as well, as is quoting without a reply.

    3. No spamming, useless replies, useless threads
    Threads about places to train, or price checks are not allowed and will result in warning, they are useless
    Just so you understand once and for all. We do not care about your everyday experiences, about how your mom beats your ass, how you started a fight at school or how you drink Pepsi. Any useless spam or meaningless quoting will result in a warn. If persistent, user will be temporary banned. Also note, if a user spams on any occasion and that post/thread includes vulgarities they can expect a warning! Also, we expect you to post in the correct thread; that means if there is already a thread on one topic, do not create another one.

    No : "I am banned" reports/complaints

    Anyone who has 2 warnings will be baned for 7 days on the third!

    4. Don't use HUGE or OFFENSIVE avatars or signature pictures!
    I am aware of the situation. People use huge avatars/signature pictures which leads to overlapping of forum pages. Be reasonable and use decent sizes for your avatars. Indicated max size is your choice as long as you don't use outrageous sizes. If you don't like this rule, you will be warned till you remove your avatar or resize it. Ignoring the warning will lead to permanent ban. Offensive avatars, however, will result in temporary ban, and the head-admin will have a word in this. It's his choice if you're to be unbanned or permanently banned ! Behave !

    Below are the forum guidelines for member signature images. Please note that in a lot of cases these guidelines also apply to text based signatures and avatars.

    The maximum overall size for signatures is 170 pixels high by 550 pixels wide - this also includes text as well.

    File sizes should be no larger than 196.25KB. Smaller is preferred as we need to be mindful of our members on dial up access.

    Inappropriate content includes :

    - Too large, or file size exceeds recommended size.

    - Pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive images, language etc. This may include racist remarks, slander etc...

    - If the avatar/signature is overly distracting, ie. bright flashing colors, animated sigs (i.e. GIF's/Flash)

    - Audio. These are distracting for our members, so do not have audio in your signature.

    - Your signature may not advertise a competing site or alternative to CEF, or advertise a commercial venture. CEF has its own advertising, this is the only acceptable (commercial) advertising on CEF. This has been an issue lately. Staff are aware of it and will take action against any offending signatures we may see.

    - And of course, do not contain links to, or use your signature to link to pages that contain objectionable material. This includes, warez, cracks, pornography, pyramid schemes, referral IDs, ebay listings and requesting donations.

    - Please do not include signature links of a malicious nature. e.g. those that crash your browser, trigger popup floods or emulate BSODs.

    Users are enforced with reporting or PM-ing mods with those breaking this rule !

    5. No begging/requests that look like begging !
    There are more and more people that don't give a damn about rules and regulations. Once a patch is out, they start begging for hacks or for someone to update them, cuz instead of spending 24/7 learning how to hack, they play the game 24/7. Well, I will be 24/7 on their asses from now on. In general : if you can't find what you're looking for using the search, it's either not possible or has not been created yet, so there would be no point in asking for it !

    6. No buying/selling/trading of any kind!
    CEF does not allow requests from people that offer money, items or accounts in exchange for a hack or account. That involves ban meing and other similar proposals. Users caught will be dealt with via warnings or bans. Watch out ! (same thing applies to selling/trading/requesting REPUTATION)
    And made a trainer you want to sell? go ahead, but never ever mention it on this forum!

    7. No ban meing or posting accounts to be cracked/stolen!
    Any ban meing threads/posts will lead to a cookie (3 day ban). Same thing applies to stealing accounts. We are here to help out, not to condone ripping/scamming/stealing accounts. Behave !

    8. Don't ask for updates of out-dated hacks!
    We do not tolerate users asking for updating their hacks, nor people demanding bypasses to "make my bot work". Users found disobeying the rule above will be warned/banned.

    9. Give credits to those who deserve them !
    Most threads read daily, threads about hacks, usually have a little quarrel on who made the hack/script/crap. Be decent and post who's the original maker of the hack. Users found claiming they have made a known hack will be warned. Claiming something to be your own, while it's not, is low, and it can lead to a permanent ban. Also, don't post binary hacks that the maker did not want released. It's called copyright infringement and it's lame. (Exception on this rule are CE's and UCE's, you can just post them) If you have proof a hack wasn't made by the poster and the poster did not give proper credits, report the post ! We'll deal with the rest !

    10. Don't abuse the REPORT feature !
    Just cuz Billy boy called you some name or you don't like what he posted, that doesn't give you the right to report. It's extra work for the staff ! Users will be warned based on own judgment !

    11. Give detailed explanations of your problems !
    Stating that "I start the bot and it doesn't work! Please help!" won't lead anywhere, if you don't state the full approach of your problem (what you do, how you do it). Give more details on what you have tried, what error you get and what the program doesn't do right.

    It is also recommended to ask for help though PMs, but don't PM people for hacks. If reported, you will get warned !

    12. Do not post viruses/fake bypasses/supposed-to-be hacks!
    Am fed-up with the daily posting of fake bypasses and viruses. Most of the people around here don't have a clue who they're dealing with. Packing your virus or protecting it won't help at all. Anti-viruses are effective and even so, we will still unpack or crack your protection, just to see what it is capable of.

    Users found posting the above will get instantly banned! We do not care it was a joke or w.e. It just makes us waste time on your asses and also leads to massive spamming that "the hack doesn't work" !

    13. Don't double post or bump old threads!
    If hacks stop working properly because of a game update and you come across a very old thread that contains a hack that doesn't work anymore, don't bother asking how to get it to work.

    14. Do not offend the moderators!
    Moderators reserved all the rights to ban/warn/comment any thread.
    Moderators have the final say and decision.
    Do not insult/make nasty remarks about any mods
    Result for not abiding this rule = ban.

    15. Do not impersonate a moderator or fake a moderator's actions!
    Do not impersonate a moderator. Do not make a fake warn or a fake ban sig/avatar to deceive others into thinking that a post has been handled when it hasn't. Such actions will only create a false impression that having a "warn" is a cool thing when it's not.

    16. Do not attempt to avoid any bans!
    If you're banned from Cheat Engine Forums then there's obviously a reasoning behind it, attempting to avoid any bans in place is a punishable offense and any accounts you use during your ban time will be banned alongside with the original account, if you persist to do so the original ban length will be increased.

    17. Do not abuse the reputation system!
    This includes asking for rep, posting links to your uprep, making multiple accounts to rep yourself, [de]repping people for reasons other than their post, and threatening to use rep as leverage in trades/events.

    18. Do not use misleading or nondescriptive topic titles!
    Misleading titles annoy members, make moderators' jobs harder, and disrupts those who skim the titles for interesting topics. Do not make topics with the titles: "Come in here", "Omfg", "You have to look at this" or anything that does not allow people to know what the topic is about at a glance. Forcing a moderator to read a topic to find out if it breaks a rule will secure you a warning regardless of your content. If you have a question, end your statement with a question joe. Do not end it with a period.
    (How to bypass gameguard?) <- GOOD (not a good topic, not grammatically correct either, but not misleading)
    (How to bypass gameguard.) <- PaddBADPaddingPaddingPa(people will come in expecting a guide and start flaming)

    Mods are exempt from this rule if/when making threads to stress the rules / new rule.

    19. Do not attempt to bypass word/URL filters!
    If you post a message and it gets turned into something else, or you're told at the reply screen you aren't allowed to post certain things, don't attempt to bypass this or encourage others to participate in your rulebreaking (putting spaces in between every letter in a URL when you can't post a URL, and encouraging someone with the ability to post a URL to post it as a reply in the thread- that person will get warned too).

    20. Do not attempt to appeal your punishment with a moderator that did not enforce it.

    21. Do not use CEF as your personal blog!
    Do not make greeting threads. Do not make goodbye threads. Do not post to say you've come back after a long period and wish to be reacquainted. Do use the search features and read the recent topics.

    22. If it doesn't run in VMWare, do not post it!
    For the safety of every member here.

    23. No referral advertising or bypassing the wordcensors!
    When you notice a link you posted is being malformed(e.g the referal part of a url), DO NOT TRY to post it in such a way that it becomes readable. If you do you will be banned with a possible ip ban

    24. Do not make use of adblockers, adblocking, or proxy servers that offer this service!
    Attempts to put focus on a certain part of an otherwise revealing screenshot will be punished as if you posted the full screenshot that revealed you were using ad-blocker software. If the software you use supports an exclusion list, please add "*" and "*" to it. Punishable by warn (if you block it from connecting), Punishable by ban (if you block it from the client side, interfering with the view to purchase ratio).

    25. Do not attempt to obstruct justice!
    If you make a rulebreaking thread, after the initial user backlash, do not attempt to masquerade the thread as a legitimate thread, if you do, you will recieve penalties larger than what you would get if you kept the original content.

    26. When an answer is posted, do not constantly repeat the same answer.
    Doing so, if on purpose will result in a warning, as this is regarded as spam.

    27. Do not post threads looking for people to party you.
    These threads often just lead to spam and useless posts. A high percentage of the time they go off on a tangent and become entirely unrelated to the original post. For this reason these threads are no longer allowed, any use found posting them will be warned.

    28. If a thread is posted, which controvenes forum rules, report it, don't post in it.

    With exception of a first post from a user, explaining that the thread is against the rules, do not continue to post in threads which clearly break forum policy. Doing so bumps the thread and thus is actually aiding it. Users found doing so will be warned, just report the thread and move on.

    LIKE YOU ALL TO FOLLOW! lol! Thanks

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